Impacting the Quality of Life for our Veterans

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James “Bo” Allen Swearingen II was born to Jannie “BoMomma” Bibb in Arkansas on June 11, 1977.

Bo and his Momma lived a wonderful life of love and faith side by side for many years. Then, in 1981, their happy little family expanded by two with the marriage of BoMomma to David Bibb. David’s daughter, Jill, became Bo’s “twin by marriage.” Jill, David, BoMomma, and Bo became one happy family.

In May of 1995, Bo fulfilled his childhood dream of joining the military. After much consideration and discussion with his parents he chose to serve with the United States Army. The military was who he was and he was the military – he was destined to be a soldier. Bo took the good with the bad, but the brotherhood, that family that only a fellow soldier can understand, is what meant the most to Bo. As a Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO), Bo was very protective of “his” soldiers, as he liked to refer to them. Bo excelled in that role of mentor, friend, and brother for life, to the men he served with. One year, while serving in Iraq, BoMomma and David served as Santa to every brother in Bo’s unit. Each soldier received a personal hand-picked gift off their own Christmas list. That was Bo and his Momma, always selflessly giving to others.

After twelve years, Bo left the Army as a Sergeant First Class with numerous awards and decorations. Some of his more noteworthy awards included the Audie Murphy Award and Bronze Star. But, like many soldiers returning home, Bo suffered from the effects of war. Multiple injuries and PTSD were catching up with Bo. Slowly, he began the healing process by transitioning back into “civilian” life, reconnecting with old friends, his family, and God. And then… Bo met Lori. Both falling hard for each other, they learned to love each other’s interests, families, and hobbies. Lori learned to duck hunt, love BoMomma, David, and Jill, and ride motorcycles. Bo learned to ride horses, and love Lori’s daughters, Taylor and Carli. Bo and Lori married and became a family.

Life for Bo, Lori, Taylor, Carli, David, BoMomma, and Jill was good. Bo had formed a local chapter of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association (CVMA). He served as the Executive Officer and Lori served as the Press Officer. Bo enjoyed having his “brothers” around him again. Tragically, on April 3, 2010, Bo and Lori were killed in a motorcycle accident when a car crossed the center-line. They were returning from a fundraiser for their local Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Chapter.

Bo was a loyal man with a gigantic heart filled with love for all those around him. He was a quick witted, proud country boy who protected his loved ones and believed he could make this world a better place. Though only on this earth for a short time, Bo was an amazing gift who had a huge impact on the lives of his family, friends, and soldiers; and will continue to bless so many others through Bo’s Blessings.