Impacting the Quality of Life for our Veterans

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Bo’s Blessings had a wonderful event yesterday with a great turnout. God provided the most amazing weather and we had an abundance of volunteers. Our Board of Directors, Michael Baber, Charles Wallace, Cheryl Tyson, Keith Schoeneick and Danielle Schoeneick did an amazing job getting everything ready for the day.

Cindy Holt and the Rolling Thunder group was there in full force to assist us with our volunteer needs. Susie Davis, former Director for the Alzheimer’s Association of Benton County was present giving great advice and lending a hand with any tasks at hand. The Teen Action of Rogers Volunteer group arrived to assist with the flag placement. Carla Tyson and friends also provided support and assistance at the registration area.

A special thank you to my husband Danny Layne for stepping up and doing any task no matter what without hesitation.

To my family members Jarrod and Monique Tapper, Austin and Ashlyn Duncan and their children for showing up to support and participate.

We thank Ellen Thalls from Channel 5 and Tevin Wooten from Channel 40/29 for their continued media coverage and support of Bo’s Blessings.

Backyard Burgers grilled awesome burgers for our Hikers and guests at the Fayetteville VA Home.

A great BIG thank you to Director of Nursing Trina Steel for raising money, hiking and being our Liaison with the residents.

We thank the United Way of Benton County for their donation of items for the residents and a special cheer for our Boy Scouts who carried the flags and met our special Veteran’s.

So much gratitude and appreciation to Tom Ruck and Chris Turner from the Fayetteville National Cemetery for supporting our event.

For the countless volunteers, donors and citizens who support our efforts to make our Veteran’s lives better in some small way through Bo’s Blessings, LUTHAB, Inc.

We are looking forward to next years Bo’s Blessings Memorial Veteran’s Hike.

GOD Bless and Thank You.

Jannie D. Layne – BoMomma

** If I missed anyone, I am extremely sorry. Thank you all !!!

Hike 4 Heros